Extreme weather is common in Oklahoma, and when fierce winds blow through Edmond, they often leave toppled trees in their wake. But what happens when a tree falls on a road? 

Even if the tree only partially blocks the road and traffic can still maneuver around it, removing it as soon as possible is a priority. Fallen trees are a major hazard that can cause traffic accidents, but do you know who to call when a tree falls in the road?

Here, Arbor Image Tree Care, a top Edmond tree service, explains how to get help dealing with a fallen tree on a roadway. 

Who Owns the Road? 

The most important factor when determining who to call when a tree falls in the road in Oklahoma is the owner of the road. 

The city of Edmond, the county, or the state must remove the fallen tree from the road if it’s a public road that they own and maintain. If you come upon a tree in the road, or there’s a downed tree in your neighborhood, your best bet is to call 911 for help. Keeping roads clear is critical to emergency response services and 911 will route your call to the appropriate responders. 

If the tree falls on a private road, then the individual owner or business (such as an HOA) is responsible for its removal. In this case, the owner must call a tree service and cover the cost of the cleanup. 

Get Professional Help with Fallen Trees 

Regardless of whether you’re responsible for removing a tree that falls on the road, you should never attempt to remove it yourself — especially if the tree fell on electrical wires or other hazards. In fact, if the tree comes down on the wires, call the local power company in addition to 911 and the tree service so they can respond and secure the scene. 

Even without electrical wires complicating matters, there are risks to using chainsaws and other equipment and removing the debris. A tree service will arrive with the proper tools to clean up the mess quickly and safely. 

When you call a tree service about removing a fallen tree on a private road, be specific about the situation’s urgency. Tree services typically offer emergency removal when the tree blocks the road. 

Arbor Image Tree Service Is Here to Help in Emergencies 

If you live on a private road, prepare yourself for a fallen tree emergency by adding the number for Arbor Image Tree Service in Edmond, OK, to your contacts. Instead of scrambling to figure out who to call when a tree falls in the road, with just a few taps, you can arrange for help to be on the way.

In addition to emergency tree removal, our team of tree care professionals can help keep your property looking great with healthy trees, thanks to our trimming, pruning, and disease and pest management services. To learn more about Arbor Image Tree Service or to schedule service, call (405) 815-7959

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