The People & Philosophy That Drive Us

The Arbor Image Story

Arbor Image was founded in 2010 by Koree Vanzant. He had worked for a reputable local tree care company for several years, starting from the ground up and working his way to become an ISA Certified arborist and the manager of that company. While there, he saw a huge void in the focus of tree care companies. They offered maintenance care to address the symptoms of a failing tree, but they weren’t proactive in improving the health of the tree.

Koree knew he could offer customers more, so he started Arbor Image.

We care for the tree as a whole: soil, watering, and planting the right tree in the right place. Focusing on the overall health of the tree helps it resist insect and fungal attacks so it can flourish. It also protects our customer’s investment in their treescape.

In 2021, we acquired Zion Tree Service to expand our tree maintenance capabilities so we could provide the best full-service solutions for homeowners and businesses to help their trees thrive.

In 2023, we began offering the Tree Health Membership because we knew we could take our tree care to the next level. Customers who choose the Tree Health Membership get regular site visits so we can catch and remedy problems before they become devastating. And, more importantly, we can provide the consistent nutrition that our customer’s trees need to flourish.

Our Philosophy


We get to the root of the problem to figure out the cause of your tree’s declining health, then tailor our treatment to address the unique needs of each tree. By improving your treescape, we believe we can improve your quality of life.

We also care about minimizing our environmental impact, so we only use the pesticides that are necessary rather than doing the same generic sprays for every client. We take care to apply any treatment with precision to protect other parts of your landscape, from foliage to bird feeders to your pool.

We won’t try to upsell you or force you into a long-term contract. We’ll earn your trust by improving the health of your treescape so you can enjoy the lush outdoor space you deserve.

Customers LOVE Working With Us!

“They keep our trees healthy by feeding them, pruning, shaping, checking them and spraying them for issues when they occur, which has been seldom since they are caring for them.”

-Rebecca G.

“We are using their quarterly maintenance plan because we’ve had so many plants die these past 2 years with our crazy weather. We can tell they really know trees and shrubs so we’re looking forward to these next few years to see our landscape in very capable hands!”

-Beth P.

“Arbor Image is the only tree service I will use for my trees. We have a 100 year old oak and many other mature trees and I wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch them. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Staffed with certified arborists that truly care. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.”

-Sydney D.

Work With Arborists Who Care About Protecting Your Investment

Your trees should last for generations. With the right care, they can.

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