Tree Planting


What Sets Our Approach Apart?


We help you select a tree variety that will thrive in your landscape.

People who are less passionate about trees may not plant in the most optimal way for a long, healthy lifespan. Luckily, we’re tree enthusiasts who set your tree up to build a deep, sturdy root system that will sustain it for many decades.

Plus we offer a monthly tree health plan to make sure your new addition has the right follow-up care to grow strong so future generations can enjoy it as well. 

Is It Worth It To Hire An Arborist
To Plant Your New Tree?

Right Tree, Right Space

Not all trees are suited for Oklahoma’s clay dirt. We help you pick the best species for your soil, sunlight exposure, and aesthetic goals.

Reduce Transplant Shock

Proper planting and root care can reduce transplant shock for your new tree, increasing its chances of survival by growing stronger roots.

Proper Follow-Up Care
Soil care, watering, mulch placement, and follow-up care have a huge impact on root health and the early growth of your new tree.

Add To Your Treescape


Here’s how tree planting fits into your treescape’s health plan:

Select & Plant New Trees

We visit the nursery together to pick your tree, then plant it right

Tree Health Appointment

We address the soil health and seasonal needs of your new tree

Quarterly Review

We review the site and create a plan of action for the next season

Enjoy Vibrant Trees

Enjoy more shade and time outdoors as your new tree thrives

Services Included With A New Tree Planting

  • Site visit to assess soil and sun exposure
  • Map out where new trees will go and select species for the site
  • Visit the nursery together to select your tree(s)
  • Expert planting of your new tree(s)
  • Mulch Placement & Top Dressing
  • Tree care consultation


Protect & Maintain Your Treescape

Customers LOVE Our Tree Planting Services

“Each member of the Arbor Image team that I’ve worked with has been wonderful: professional, very competent and proficient in their duties, and caring and personable. They planted one tree and transplanted another. We’ve never had such a conscientious team! They made sure each planting was perfect (redoing one thing they were not pleased with) and cleaned up completely afterward.”

-Beth P.

“The crew was professional and timely with the tree removal. They were cautious to protect the surrounding trees and property. A+ company!!!”

-Terry G..

“Arbor Image is the only tree service I will use for my trees. We have a 100-year-old oak and many other mature trees and I wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch them. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Staffed with certified arborists that truly care. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.”

-Syden D.

“The guys were on-time and the work was done in a professional way. I had trees trimmed, one stump removed and general clean-up of overgrown areas of the backyard. The site was cleaned up and all debris hauled away. Would definitely hire Arbor Image again!!”

-Susan G.

Common Questions About Our Tree Planting Services

Will you help me figure out what tree species will work best in the area I want to plant?

YES! This is one of our specialties. We’re passionate about tree health, and a huge part of that is planting the right tree in the right space. If there’s a mismatch between the tree’s needs (soil quality, sun exposure, etc.) and the space where you want to plant it, we’ll let you know.

Do you plant flowers and shrubs?

No, we do not plant flowers or shrubs. We recommend getting in touch with a landscape company or gardener to work with these types of plantings.

What seasonal care and maintenance do you provide?

We create full-service, worry-free, year-round tree care plans specific to your property. Since every property is different, there’s not a one-size-fits-all plan, but we often do the following:

WINTER – It’s the season to protect from winter burn, sun scald, and pest hibernation. We do selective pruning to remove dead, diseased, and damaged limbs and inspect to discover issues that may have been hidden by the tree’s foliage over the spring.

SPRING – It’s planting and growing season! Aside from a proper watering regimen and mulching, we focus on curtailing pests, diseases, and fungal growth. There’s a lot to manage including detailed trimming, soil conditioning, deep root feeding, and more.

SUMMER – The season is here to enjoy the benefits your trees provide. We provide care to help your trees endure heat, drought, disease, and more.

FALL – It’s time for plantings and season-ending preparation including feeding, mulching, soil treatments, pest deterrents, disease prevention, and more.

Still have questions? Ask An Arborist

Fill Your Outdoor Space With Lush, Healthy Trees

Add a beautiful treescape to your outdoor space that will last for generations.

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